How It Works

Unlike other companies where you pay $125 to either rent their tool, for programming or rent there services … to program ONE module. That is crazy and not cost efficient for a growing business . We aren’t going to force you to rent or buy tools, we work with the tools you already own. Once you are all set up and ready give us a call to work with you on your diagnostic and programming needs.

Often times there are other calibrations, initialization, and relearning that needs to be performed or the programming simply does not fix the vehicle. LR automotive diagnostics and programming LLC will work with you until the job is done.

For the growing mechanic and repair shops , We will work with you as part of your team. Whether that is having to program multiple modules on one vehicle or waiting until your shop technicians do the proper wiring repair so the module can be seen on the network, LR is with you all the way.

Not sure how to set up? Give us a call ! With LR automotive diagnostics and programming LLC services you will not have to spend time trying to figure how to set your pc up for vehicle programming, what OS system to use, what you need to do the programming, etc… You will not have to sit in front of the your computer watching the status bar with your fingers crossed, worrying about if it will complete or not. Let LR ensure your programming success.

We are here to put the power of your business back into your hands. You no longer have to depend on mobile techs coming to your shop charging you $125 for one module, or waiting hours or days trying to go to the dealership getting charged those ridiculously high dealer prices. Now you have the piece of mind knowing you no longer have to depend on scan tool companies, that simply don’t have enough programming specialist to assistance you and as a business you know a vehicle sitting in the bay is money lost.

You now have an Automotive diagnostic and programming specialist on your team.

Don’t worry about subscriptions fees, this will be included in LR services. Just fill out the module programming form and follow the instructions, than you will receive a call confirming your scheduled programming date and time.

Our Working Hours

Our hours are designed to reach those whose schedules don’t allow them to work with most technical support lines. We are available Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 10:00pm. Our hours accommodate the demands of our customers that don’t fit into a 9-6 schedule. As mentioned, we are here to work with you to accomplish your needs. Call Us (631)796-2265