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LR Automotive Diagnostics & Programming LLC is your source for all computerized diagnostic services. We have an outstanding team of experts that will be able to run a computer diagnostic test on your vehicle. A diagnostic involves checking each component of your vehicle to ensure that everything is flowing as smoothly as possible. We’re based in the heart of New York. We provide diagnostic service repair from the yellow engine light all the way to the braking system, and we run the most efficient diagnostics services in the Tri-State area. It’s critical to find problems early on to prevent anything from happening while you’re on the road. We run the most comprehensive tests, so you get the maximum amount of performance out of your vehicle. No other auto repair company out there gives you the elite level of customer care as LR Automotive Diagnostics & Programming LLC

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diagnostics-1We stand a cut above the competition in price and value. There is a reason why our customers continue to come back to us. It’s because we’re the most reliable and honest company in town. We have pages full of satisfied customer testimonials that speak volumes for our hard work and efforts. We know once you choose us, you’ll be another satisfied customer too! Contact us today, and find out what makes us so unique.

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You might need a routine oil change to give new life to your engine. Something as simple as a routine oil change can have a drastic impact on your vehicle’s lifespan. We’ll be able to assess the problems through a complete diagnostic test. We offer a host of auto repair services that include, computer diagnostics, module programming, and much more. We’ve been helping countless satisfied customers throughout the years and improved their overall level of maintenance. Our services have attracted customers throughout the Tri-state area, including plenty of referrals, and we take great pride in knowing that you’re safe on the road. LR Automotive Diagnostics & Programming LLC offers the most competitive prices in the Tri-state area, with a name you can always depend on. We have the most sophisticated computer system for measuring performance and detecting problems early on. A little maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in repairs later on.

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