Remote Automotive Module Programming

LR Automotive Diagnostics & Programming LLC specializes in module programming, re-programming, and the setup,calibration, and initialization of new modules. We use much of the same equipment as OEMs, dealerships, and we also have equipment that allows us to do some reprogramming that dealerships don’t do. We can set up new electronic parts that require programming before they will function and we can also save you money by re-programming some modules that the dealership would otherwise replace. Many of our services can be performed on site, and all of our services are available locally in the NY Tri-State Area.

Electronic Vehicle Component Programming

LR Automotive Diagnostics & Programming LLC can program most electronic components, ECU’s, and computer control modules for most makes of vehicles: PCM’s, BCM’s, TCM’s, immobilizer modules, switches, and instrument clusters are just a few examples.

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